Barlig, Mountain Province

Barlig is a beautiful remote town among mountains. It is about 10 hours away from Baguio. From July 2010 until June 2011, as a counterpart of KEEP (Yamanashi, Japan), CGN implemented a reforestation project using an agroforestry method in four communities in Kadaclan, Barlig. The project was funded by the Green Fund (Japan). Total 104 families participated in the project, and 5,000 alnus seedlings, 5,000 calliandra seedlings, 22,666 Arabica coffee seedlings were planted.  A nursery was also established in each community to ensure that the farmers can continue planting trees by themselves even after the completion of the project. CGN also conducted seminars on the concept and techniques of agroforestry for the farmers and environmental education programs in elementary and high schools. 

After the project ended, CGN continues monitoring in the communities. It also held environmental education workshops for elementary school teachers as well as a study tour for Japanese participants there. It organized workshops on post-harvest processing of coffee in order to prepare for their first harvest.