Kapi Tako Social Enterprise is corporation which wholesales its quality Arabica coffee as YAGAM COFFEE, a product of the Cordillera highlands, notably from Benguet and Mt. Province. Kapi Tako Social Enterprise is a partner of a local NGO, the Cordillera Green Network (CGN), which has consistently helped indigenous farmers over the past fifteen years to improve the quality of coffee beans from planting to post-harvest processing. Coffee plants are sustainably grown through reforestation efforts and at the same time earn income from agricultural products that grow within the forests.

Kapi Tako Social Enterprise Inc.



Office: Calle Uno, # 3 Escoda (First Road),

Quezon Hill, Baguio City, 2600, Philippines

Tel: +63  (0)977 705 7831  

Email: kapitako.cordi@gmail.com