Where to find the Cordillera Coffee

Baguio City

Baguio City is very close to the coffee growing areas of the Cordillera Mountains that you might expect to find good coffee everywhere, but finding authentic and delicious local Arabica coffee is a tall order.

Below is a list of coffee shops that serve locally roasted coffee bought directly from farmers.

◆Yagam Coffee◆

Cordillera Single Origin Coffee can be purchased at Yagam Coffee or Cafe Yagam located close to many tourist attractions such as Mines View, Good Shepherd Convent, Botanical Garden, Mansion House, and Wright Park. You can buy also through online shop.

Address: 25 J.Felipe Street, Gibraltar, Baguio City, Philippines


TEL: +63-(0)977 705 7831

E-mail: kapitako.cordi@gmail.com 

The Red Soil Cafe and Coffee

It is one of the few home-roasted coffee shops still in Baguio City. They buy mountain region coffee beans directly from farmers, roast them in a small Taiwanese roasting machine, and serve them in a small shop space with a hand drip. They also sell retail and wholesale packaged coffee.

Address: Room 7 & 8 Barp Building, Upper Bokawkan Rd. Cresencia Village, Baguio City, Philippines

Facebook: The Red Soil Cafe and Coffee Roastery

TEL: +63 966 203 5667

Email: theredsoilcoffee@gmail.com

◆Cafe Kayman and Little Nibblers Fish Spa◆

It is a cafe with a fish spa on the third floor of the commercial building called Abanao Square, which is next to the market in Baguio City. Several mountain region coffees are served in hand drip or French press. The menu also includes a variety of sweet drinks, sweets, and spaghetti that will please young people. They also sell affordable coffee extraction equipment.

Address:3rd Floor Abanao Square, Baguio City, Philippines

Facebook: Cafe Kayman and Little Nibblers Fish Spa

TEL: +63 927 342 1771

◆Coffee Place◆

This coffee shop is located in the corner of a building in the tourist town of Mines View, Baguio. They serve coffee roasted at the local home-roasted coffee shop, Red Soil Coffee Roastery, with hand drip and French press.

Address: Ibay Zion Plaza, Mines View, Baguio City, Philippines

Facebook: Coffee Place

TEL: + 63 906 166 5920

◆Hatch Coffee◆

A cafe in a house with a garden in a residential area of Baguio City. You can enjoy cold coffee from the recipe of El Union, a popular coffee shop in the town of San Juan, Surf Town. Hot coffee, along with imported coffee, is locally sourced and sourced from Kapitako Social Enterprises. You can layout a mat in the spacious garden and enjoy a cup of coffee with a picnic feel.Open only Wednesday - Sunday.

Address:135 Easter Road corner Road 1 Manzanillo, Baguio City, Philippines

Facebook: Hatch Coffee

Instagram: Hatch Coffee

TEL: +63 920 947 8703 

Email: hatchcoffeeph@gmail.com

◆Mountain Natural Foods ◆

This organic shop is run by the Cathedral in the town of Baguio. The shop is always crowded with local shoppers, selling local organic vegetables and handmade processed foods. There is a range of coffees processed by coffee-growing organizations, including those from Ifugao and Sagada in the Mountain Province, but at the moment the best recommendation is "YAGAM COFFEE," which focuses on roasting. From Session Road, it is located on the top floor of a commercial building called Porta Vaga, just off the top floor to the rooftop parking lot. You can also enter through the Cathedral's main gate.


In recent years, Manila has been experiencing a café boom, with new coffee shops opening up all over the place. More and more stores are serving coffee made from beans from overseas, and some of them carry specialty coffee. There are also coffee shops that specialize in adding quality coffee from the Philippines to their menus.

Here are some of the shops in Metro Manila where you can buy the coffee that CGN has mentored in the project and Kapi Tako Social Enterprises sells.

◆UNIQUEASE Restaurant◆

UNIQUEASE is an international organization that seeks a solution to the problems and issues through social business and aims to help the unprivileged youth to become independent. They share our experiences and opinions to broaden our community of learning and thrive for a society where every single person can confidently speak of their hopes and dreams. In the UNIQUEASE Restaurant, they serve healthy meals and sell organic and fair trade products, including Kapi Tako Coffee. 

Address: Unit C, #1036, Hormiga cor Teresa St., Rizal Village, Brgy. Valenzuela, Makati City, Philippines


TEL:+63 (0)927-791-5516

◆NGO Bazar◆

Organized by a Japanese NGO, SALT Payatas Foundation, Japanese NGOs from all over the Philippines gather and sell their products. The bazaar is held in March and July every year. CGN also participates in the event and sells Kapi Tako Coffee, honey, and handicrafts from the Cordillera. 

◆ Coffee Tonya ◆

Manila store, a Japanese coffee wholesaler that roasts raw beans on the spot. Inside the store, raw beans purchased from all over the world are displayed in a case.. We also have a wide selection of Philippine coffee from northern Luzon to Mindanao. After selecting raw beans, it is a system that requests the degree of roasting and the degree of grinding and has it roasted with a hot air type roaster that finishes in 3 minutes. Similar to Japanese shops, there are various extraction tools available. You can also purchase at the online shop.

Address: 1331 Angono Street (across Makati City Hall), Makati City 1208, Philippines


TEL: ₊ 63 82- 750-6200

Email: coffeetonya.philippines@yahoo.com

◆MA+D Manila◆

This social coffee shop purchases Arabica, Robusta, Liberica, and Excelsa from all over the Philippines directly from the growers, and extracts and serves them along with the stories of the place of production and the growers. They also hold coffee brewing workshops on an irregular basis, and in 2019 they opened MA+D Siargao on Siargao Island. Kapitako Social Enterprises selects a selection of coffee beans to be brewed in the shop with your preffered equipment.

Address: 118 Matahimik St, Quezon City, Philippines

Instagram: MA+D Manila

Facebook: MA+D Manila 

TEL: +63 917 994 2479

◆Trails & Traces Coffee Roasters◆

A small roaster that roasts coffee with traceability from all over the Philippines and ships it to you by order on SNS. You can check out the beans available for purchase on Facebook or Instagram.

Address: Quezon City, Philippines

Instagram: Trails & Traces Coffee Roasters 

Facebook: Trails & Traces Coffee Roasters

TEL: +63 919 991 4526

La Union

◆El Union Coffee◆

A very popular coffee shop located in San Juan Town, Surf Town, La Union Province, north of Luzon, which is very popular among young people of the Philippines. It is roasted by Silvester Dan Samonte, who won the 2016 and 2017 Barista Championship in the Philippines for the second year in a row and was also a good 14th place finisher at the 2016 world competition in Tablin. It's on the beach and serves mostly cold coffee. Ask the barista which drinks are made with North Luzon coffee.

Address: MacArthur Highway Kilometer 274+600, San Juan, La Union

Instagram: El Union

Negros Island

◆Coffee Culture Roastery◆

They are a specialty coffee roaster and cafe in Bacolod City, Negros Island. The owner is Thomas Sproten, a certified Arabica, and Robusta Q-grader and instructor with the International Coffee Quality Institute (CQI), who home-roasts and sells a selection of Kapitako Social Enterprise's North Luzon coffees.

Address: Alijis Road (beside 7/11), Bacolod City, Philippines

Instagram: Coffee Culture Roastery

Facebook: Coffee Culture Roastery 

TEL: +63 949 507 5359